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If you want to look and feel like an athlete, then I want to help you avoid wasting your time doing ineffective exercises that leave you feeling exhausted without seeing and feeling any real change. 


I made this progressive plyometric program, HIIT the Box that is effective, clear and simple!


I’ve included instruction, pictures, video, and a calendar to tell you what to do on each day of the week based on your fitness level!


You'll recieve an instant download, including all of the instructions you'll need! The video links can be found on the bottom of page 11. 


I cannot thank you enough for your love and support. You are so incredible for believing in me and trusting me with your health and fitness.


We are in it together!


With my love,

Dr. Monique Middlekauff

HIIT The Box: Plyometric Program

$26.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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