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March 30, 2018

I ate a big piece of humble pie.

It tasted awful and it was dang good for me.

If you’ve been following recently, you know that I had a pretty serious back injury at the beginning of the year.

I had to take 8 weeks off exercise entirely, and I’m still not cleared to do ac...

January 31, 2018

February is heart month, and it is a perfect opportunity to talk about our heart health! While this fact isn’t fun to talk about, it is more likely that you will die of cardiovascular disease than anything else. Heart disease kills more Americans than cancer, lung dise...

January 24, 2018

For the month of February I wanted to challenge you to do something each day that will benefit your heart! 

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I think it would absolutely shock you to know how many people have any of the risk factors: hypertension (high blood pressure), too much bod...

January 4, 2018

There is a tipping point every time I do hard cardio. Not a 10-minute-warm-up cardio session, but that workout you know is going to kick you right in the face and leave you feeling amazing, all at the same time.

Initially, I dread it. Yes. I love exercise and...

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! We are bombarded with ads for every fitness product on the market. Here are a few tips to handle the madness:

1️⃣ Fear doesn’t get to decide, and fear doesn’t get to buy.

2️⃣ Gimmicks and false promises take your money, and make you feel worse in the...

December 8, 2017

On Monday, Dec 4th I woke up to film a project I've been working on for low/moderate intensity exercise (I'm super stoked about it).

I was SO sick to my stomach, which is not uncommon for me when I get really nervous. I like things to be "perfect" or as-perfect-as-po...

December 7, 2017

It’s not a secret that I love giving gifts. I love buying gifts, I love wrapping them, and I love seeing someone excited about something I picked out. I think that every single one of us has felt a gift deadline coming up and had the blank list because NOTHING comes to...

November 6, 2017

I love to do high impact/ high intensity exercise. It is no secret that I love running, jumping, and lifting heavy weights. 

Did you know that those factors alone place me in a higher risk category for pelvic floor dysfunction? You might be thinking.... well you lift we...

October 29, 2017

When we think of “leg day” we typically think of working the broad muscle groups of the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. To truly improve our physique, our athletic ability, and our safety, we need to think about and include the hip flexors and extensors in our r...

October 28, 2017

Growing and changing is a sign of growth and maturity! Change can be so hard.  In this video I shared 3 tips to adopt new science! 

A simple personal example: 

I held the belief for a long time that soy products contributed to breast cancer. I dodged it like the pla...

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January 24, 2018

January 4, 2018

January 4, 2018

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