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No one starts building a house without a solid set of plans. Similarly when we approach building our body, it is important that we take a systematic approach. Exercising just to make you tired (fatigued) won't create the desired adapations that you've been seeking. I'd like to share some exercises and tips that might help you!

Hip Flexor and Extensor Muscles
Abdominal Muscles & Exercise
Working on legs!
Treadmill Workout
Chest and triceps
Pelvic Floor Muscles and Exercises
Shoulder Workout
Happy New Year! Are you trying new things this year_ I have many things on my list of _I've always w
Squat Rack
Back and Biceps


Load:                 The amount of weight assigned to an exercise set 

Repetition:       An exercise repeated a specified number of times

Set:                     A group of repetitions sequentially performed (NSCA)


Superset:           Sequentially performing two exercises that stress two opposing
                            muscle groups


Compound set: Sequentially performing two different exercises for the 

                            same muscle group 

CDC Physical Activity Guidelines for adults (last updated in 2008)

At minimum: 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, with muscle strengthening exercise targeting every major muscle group 2 times per week. 


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