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How many books?

When I walked in to study today at B&N, I found two huge displays of weight loss/fitness books. I'm always amazed at the quantity and variety of gimmicky weird options that are intermixed with those who are offering sound advise. If you didn't know, how on earth would you differentiate between the "good" and the "bad"?

Examples- "Eat naked in front of a mirror"... this can't be real. No. "Say no to carbs" ...because we clearly want to limit those harmful vegetables? No. "Eat one food group per day", are you kidding? No. "Never eat alone", what if you live alone? No. Why do we massively complicate something that should be fairly easy.

US adults report that they feel more comfortable filing their taxes than selecting a nutritious diet. What? Health community, let's step up our game and send clear, easy to understand message about health. No more gimmicks, no fads, no guilt, just life and health based on evidence-based practice.

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