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Do what you can!

Take a step- If you can't run a marathon, lift for an hour, or if you aren't currently sporting a 6-pack (join the club) it is okay! Don't let that interfere with your ability to do something.

Try exercising whenever you can fit it in and commit to 10 minutes of activity at one time (health outcomes are tied to the 10 minute mark). Jog in place, do jumping jacks, push-ups, planks, and squats. If you don't eat "perfectly" everyday, that's okay (me either), but decide today to put down the ice cream and reach for something better.

Just because you don't have a body of a fitness model doesn't mean that you cannot drastically improve your health and fitness. Are you injured? Choose another component of fitness as your focus. Are you overwhelmed? Take 10 minutes for yourself to stretch, hydrate and gain perspective. Don't throw in the towel because today wasn't a perfect day.

You can do it!!

We're in it together,


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