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Heart Month: Cardiovascular Health

Your heart is truly beautiful!

Have you checked your blood pressure recently? Have you checked it at rest and during exercise? We are more likely to die from heart disease than any other classification of disease or accident-related injury. How is your cardiovascular fitness? Do you work on it regularly?

All of the tissues in our body rely on our cardiovascular system, and it is so important that we take care of it every day.

Here are 7 things that are vital to maintaining cardiovascular health:

1. We need to keep our body fat in a healthy range (regardless of body weight)

2. Don’t smoke, ever 👊🏼

3. Eat a diet that is high in vegetables and fruits,🍎 including whole grains, lean proteins, and 🥑healthy (never hydrogenated) fats

🍽 4. Keep our blood pressure at or below 120/80mmHg at rest

5. We need to consistently exercise including strength training (minimum of 2x a week) and cardiovascular exercise 🏃🏽‍♀️🚴🏼 (at least 150 mins a week)

6. Sleep like a champion

7. Manage stress like a boss.

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