What are You Reading?

What have you been reading recently? I was swamped for the past few weeks and I'm finally catching up again!

We only stay relevant if we continuously learn.📚

I deliberately set aside time to read each week because it is important to me. If you are short on time- listen instead while you do other things.

We rarely suddenly wake up better... we have to work for better! If you need a few recommendations, put these four on your list! 💕

Adrenal Fatigue Does Not Exist: A Systematic Review


Suppressed Sympathetic Outflow to Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Thermogenesis, and Activity Energy Expenditure with Calorie Restriction


Higher Compared with Lower Dietary Protein During an Energy Deficit Combined with Intense Exercise Promotes Greater Lean Mass Gain and Fat Mass Loss: A Randomized Trial


Finding the Lost Art of Empathy


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